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Russimpex Private Limited is a Global Indian company
promoting latest Russian technology for the energy sectors

We are pleased to present you with a versatile complex for recycling of a wide range
of waste along with energy generation called “EcoMachine AMR” The equipment allows
recycling of a wide range of waste,such as: industrial and rubber waste,
plastic and polymer waste,solid domestic waste, petroleum contaminated soil,
clinical waste, wood waste.A generalized description of the technological process is
as follows:waste is loaded into an upper feed hopper by means of a lifting device.
At excess moisture the waste is initially dried in the feed hopper.
At sufficient moisture drying is not required.After that through a transfer bulkhead
the waste isfed into a reactor – you can see it in a metal framing.The reactor is
such a part of a complex where the process of thermo-chemical destruction takes place,
that is a decomposition of a solid substance and an energy transfer from a solid
substance into gas energy.Gas is exhausted by means of a draft fan and passes through
the whole cleaning system.In our equipment the gas cleaning system is painted in green.
The first stage of gas cleaning is a cyclone.The second is a spray tower.
A spray tower is a thin tube with flanges where gas cooling and cleaning take place.
The third stage is a cooling tower wherean additional gas cooling takes
place and the fourth stage is a filter.After that the cleaned and cooled gas is fed into
an internal combustion engine that works simultaneously with an electric generator and
thus generates electricity.The basic complex expects to produce 100 kW per hour.
At recycling of polymer and rubber waste apart from gas fraction liquid fraction is produced.
Collecting process at this equipment is represented by a container which is an initial
storage of a liquid fraction.After the container is filled up the liquid fraction is packed
into barrels and sent to a boiler house where it is used as a heating oil for boilers
for thermal energy production.Ash residue after waste recycling makes up about
5-7 percent.It is collected in a special outfeed hopper intended for collecting ash residue
during 1 – 3 days in case of a continuous equipment operation.After that it is unloaded
manually and depending on a type of waste it can be used further.For example,
at recycling of rubber and such its component as a polymer cord an ash residue
can be used as an addition to mechanical rubber goods.
At recycling nothing but rubber an ash residue can be used as a carbon black.

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